"To all esteemed teachers, administrators, caretakers and principal of Hartford College.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for the role they have played in our daughters growing up stages from Gr 1 to Gr 7. It has been a phenomenal journey as we have watched our daughter progressing from early childhood to the young lady she is today.

The ethos of love, unity and understanding emanating from the schools vision is well displayed in all the young ladies who have graduated from Hartford College amidst the final year of the pandemic. 2020 will be a year that we will never forget.
The daily drop offs and pick-ups as well as the interactions with all, will be sorely missed. It’s the only school that we can think of, where children love to come to school.

To Mrs Delport, Mrs Macdonald, Mr Kritzinger, Mrs Botha and Mrs Forbes just to name a few, thank you for all your patience, love and understanding."

- Siraj and Shaman Allie

"Dear Nicola,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for inviting me to chat to your Grade 6 and 7 parents. We have had such a positive experience with the children who have already joined us from Hartford and we are thrilled that we have had more applications from your school for next year. We can always bank on the fact that the children who join us from your school will be of a very high calibre. Your absolute support in BESA Leadership Academy is very much appreciated and we assure you that we will take great care of your Hartford babies."

- Craig, BESA Academy

BESA letter Cropped

Following on from our article of ’10 years in Education’ -  Today an ex-pupil of Hartford College popped in to say hello.  His name is Deniel Pungan and he joined Hartford College when it opened in 2009 in the Gr. R class with Mrs. Botha (left hand side of the photo), he then moved on to Mrs. Smith for Gr. 1 (right hand side of the picture) and Deniel and I share a Birthday, today – what a lovely Birthday surprise, to have him visit!
Deniel left Hartford College at the end of Gr. 7 in 2016 and joined BESA Leadership Academy, where he is flourishing and ranked in the top 5 of his grade.  Awesome job Deniel! Well done.

- Deniel Pungan

Mrs Forbes, The Reddy family would just like to extend our sincere thanks to you for the last 7 years. Your school has helped Yasmika shape and blossom into a wonderful, knowledgeable, independent teen. Thank you so much for the support over the years, and also for helping us with the re-enrolment when we wanted to take her out of Hartford.

As parents that drove to the school every day, walked her to the gate to say goodbye, and picked her up occasionally, I think it safe to assume that we too will miss Hartford College a great deal.

Take care and all the best for the future.

- The Reddy Family

“I am so pleased that we made the decision to put my daughter in Hartford College, she has gone from strength to strength with wonderful support from the all school staff, extra mural coaches and helpful and kind older pupils – Hartford College is a jewel of a primary school in Johannesburg South. What a pleasure!”

- Shereen Hunter

"My daughter, Storme, is a special kid. She struggled to make friends in previous schools because of her lack of confidence due to how other kids looked at her because she was slightly bigger than most of her peers. The time she spent at Hartford College has changed her personality in the most positive of ways. She formed a strong bond with her classmates and her school teachers which has improved her self-confidence tremendously. The time Storme has spent at Hartford College has been nothing but happy years for both her and our family. She is really sad to bid farewell to a school which she sees as her other family and home away from home. If only Hartford College went on to Grade 12."

- Leaveil Wallace

"I have found Hartford College to be a loving and caring environment where the children learn at an incredible rate. Sinaed loves going to school and takes pride in being able to tell me about the lessons that she learnt during the day. She has made lovely friends and adores her teachers."

- Kim Waters

"Hartford College is truly an excellent choice for parents to place their child in an environment where children learn to grow and develop into little people where the basics of environmental issues are focused on which is so important for our youth today. The teachers and Principal are exceptional and treat your child as an individual rather than a number. As a parent you need peace of mind that your child is happy in their learning experience and Hartford has definitely done that beyond my expectations. I recommend Hartford on a daily basis and will continue to do so that others too might find a wonderful school such as Hartford for their children to begin their fundamental early stages in learning so that their future can be enlightened like my child's."

- Angela Hertz

"I wanted to send Greetings and well wishes to you and the team at Hartford College for 2016. I also wanted to give you a quick update on Kaylasha and for you to pass this onto her phenomenal teachers with specific reference to Ms Kallmann. Kaylasha is thoroughly enjoying her new school, at first she was a bit apprehensive but she’s taken to it like a duck to water.
She’s part of the swim and drama club and is keen to participate in Gala’s.

They write many tests/assessments and cycle tests but she is really shinning…her teachers are very pleased with her performance and I would like to thank you and your team for gifting her with the foundation that she required. Ms Kallmann, really took time to nurture Kaylasha and the fact that she got an award last year just makes her want to work even harder. I’m grateful to Ms Kallmann for helping Kaylasha uncover her potential and helping her believe that the sky’s the limit.

I will always stand by my belief that teachers are the building blocks of our future and I want to thank you for employing some of the best teachers. May you and the school grow from strength to strength and continue uncovering the precious diamonds in the rough."

- Malani Ramasamy

"I have found Hartford College to be a loving and caring environment where the children learn at an incredible rate. Sinaed loves going to school and takes pride in being able to tell me about the lessons that she learnt during the day. She has made lovely friends and adores her teachers."

"Hi Mrs Forbes, we continue to acknowledge your leadership and the amazing teachers who are doing the most during this online teaching. I can personally say, I am enjoying Grade 4. To Ms Harris - she is absolutely a Rockstar!"

- Caroline Matsimela

"Dear Mrs. Forbes, our daughter is only in Grade 000 but we absolutely take our hats off to Miss Malan and Hartford College as a whole for being proactive in our little ones development. Family and friends cannot believe that Anandi has structured lessons every day. Yes, we’ve experienced massive cuts in our income but we cannot put a price to our child’s education, school fees are not in question. My husband and I would like to thank you for your leadership."

- Amanda Xulu

"Hi Mrs Forbes, we would also like to thank you and everyone at Hartford College, for all you are doing to help educate the children.  It is really appreciated and you all need to be congratulated."

- Mary-Ann Hodgskin

"Dear Mrs Forbes, I think your teachers have been pretty great throughout this trying time. Thanks very much for keeping in touch."

- Candice Sachs

"Good day Mrs Forbes, we truly appreciate all the efforts put in by our teachers during this time of struggle. Thanking you for all the continued updates. Although Asma is really missing school and all her friends we are making the best of our situation. Hope to see you all soon and again a heartfelt thank you to all our teachers."

- Humaira Bhabha

"Good morning Mrs. Forbes, thank you for your email. Yourself & the entire staff definitely need a break. Thank you for yours & the teachers exemplary dedication & hard work."

- Fahima Alli

"Dear Mrs Forbes, I please need to bring to your attention that I am very impressed with Mr. Kritzinger's online teaching. The way he handles the kids are firm yet respectful. Well done to Mr. Kritzinger."

- Dulcie Raath