Besa Students from Hartford College have excelled

A huge congratulations to our past pupils, now attending Besa Learners Academy.

Grade 8
• Amy Hayton - highest achiever in Biology, Science and History.
• Kajol Maharaj- Academic effort and progress
• Ayush Kannie - Academic merit
• Tyla-Jane Kaplan, Kyron Govender and Amy Hayton - Academic half colours
• Amy Hayton, Kyron Govender, Ayush Kannie, Kajol Maharaj - ATKV certificate

Grade 9
• Clio Snyman - academic effort and progress
• Joshua Fermor and Musa Ndlangamandla- Academix Merit
• Musa Ndlangamandla, Clio Snyman, Joshua Fermor - ATKV certificate

Grade 10
• Deniel Pungan- Highest achiever in Accounting

Grade 11
• Kiyasha Govender - Acadmic half colours

World Scholar’s Cup
• Yauvani Tulsee- regional round
• 20th in Challenge arts section
• Gold medal for the writing section

Global Round:
• Top 20% in the Challenge Literature section.

Prefects for 2020
• Lee Kaplan
• Jason Smith
• Kiyasha Govender

BESA students from Hartford College
BESA student from Hartford College excels