Natural Science And Nature Study

Being a member of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA), Hartford College endeavours to enrich our children’s education, with a strong focus on nature and environmental issues. Every week, a new aspect of nature is studied and discussed.

These topics vary from the Life Cycle of the Frog to the benefits of re-cycling waste. Once a week, the children enter the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve – the largest nature reserve in Gauteng - and along with a field-guide, observe first-hand what they have been studying in the classroom, during that week. In the Nature Reserve, they will see dassies sunning themselves on the rocks, frogs spawn in the stream and they will learn to identify different endemic birds. In this way, we hope to inspire in children a clear understanding of the intricate inter-relationships of natures’ eco-systems.

Hartford College have been awarded three green flags for our environmental teaching, as well as our INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMETAL flag, for sustained environmental teaching.

Excerpt from the Eco-Schools letter:

Wessa 2013